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Who we are.

Edmonton Events is a partnership between the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Tourism. We attract major sport and cultural events to the city and are committed to your success.

A Partnership Between

Our Difference.

Edmonton loves sports and culture. This city has a long history of hosting major events. And not only do Edmontonians come out by the thousands as spectators, they are passionate and experienced volunteers who will help you deliver something unforgettable.

Facilities that work. Whether it’s parkland terrain, a ribbon of roadway, fields, courts, arenas, rinks, stadiums, civic spaces, amphitheatres, an aquatics venue, or even a velodrome, Edmonton has the facilities – and capacity – to host major multi-sport events.

We give you confidence. The Edmonton region is undergoing a renaissance. With a regional economy growing faster than any other jurisdiction in North America and some of Canada’s highest employment rates, Edmonton can deliver on its promises.

Edmonton is now truly etched into our mind as a wonderful city which treats global visitors and athletes in an extraordinary way. Marisol Casado, President, International Triathlon Union

Event Hosting Made Simple.

Stress-free funding. Looking for funding? With our streamlined decision making ability, we take the anxiety out of securing funding for your events.

Activation. Edmontonians are among the most engaged social media users in North America. We’ll help you reach them and other audiences through a customized marketing plan that enhances your goals and mobilizes the community.

Your service partner. Whether you need bid package development, site visit coordination, hotel facilitation, or a direct connection to City of Edmonton civic services, we’re with you every step of the way.

Why Edmonton?

Because of the way the events community collaborates here, working with us means you’ll avoid red tape, have to jump through fewer hoops and stay headache-free. What could be better?

We have a trusted network of partners who all contribute to the success of your event. That includes securing political and financial support, working out logistics, and making sure you connect with the people you need to reach.

While we have a strong history of hosting international and multi-sport events, there’s no such thing as “cookie-cutter” here. We know what it takes to deliver the extraordinary: we challenge ourselves and you to think differently, while grounding your experience in attentive support from bid to event execution.

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